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Second Terminal Examination – English 2nd Paper – Class Eight

Second Terminal Examination-2020

Subject: English 2nd Paper

Class: VIII

Time: 3 hours                                    Full marks: 100

Part-A (Grammar: 60 Marks)


1. Fill up the blanks with correct form of verbs given in the box:

proud, play, took, seen, be, present, more, become, here, than.

Cricket (a) ¾ a foreign game. It is also an international game. At (b) ¾ it has (c) ¾ more popular (d) ¾ football in our country. After winning the ICC trophy in Malaysia in 1996, this popularity has increased (e) ¾. So, the children are (f) ¾ cricket (g) ¾ and there were are (h) ¾ that Bangladesh has qualified to (i) ¾ one Day International match. We (j) ¾ in the world Cup 99 in England.


2. Fill in the gaps with articles. Put a cross (´) where an article is not needed.

One night (a) ¾ boy Bayezid was sitting beside his mother. (b) ¾ mother was ill. She is lying in her bed. At about mid-night she raised her head and said to bring for her some water. Bayezid stood up, He went to fetch water. But alas! he found not (c) ¾ drep of water any where in (d) ¾ house. (e) ¾ night was dart and still. (f) ¾ entire locality was in deep sleep. Bayezid thought where he shooh go to bring water. Suddenly he remembered (g) ¾ spring. It was at (h) ¾ other end of (i) locality. He decided to go to their. He took (j) ¾ jar and went there all alone.


3. Use suitable preposition in the gaps.

Once there were two friends. They lived (a) ¾ the same village. They often spent thier time together. Oneday they were going thraegh a forest. The forest was full (b) ¾ wild animals. They promised (c) ¾ help each other in danger. All (d) ¾ a sudden they saw a big bear coming towards them. (e) One ¾ them atonce elimbed up Near a tree. The ather friend did not know how (f) ¾ climb a tree. But he knew that a bear does not touch a dead body. So, he fell flat (g) ¾ the ground like a dead man. Theh bear came along. It smelt the nose and ears (h) ¾ the lying man (i) ¾ the ground. He held his breath and lay stild. The bear thought him (j) ¾ bea dead man and went away.


4. Change the following sentences into active/passive.

(a) They play foot ball.

(b) Did you do this sum?

(c) Who teaches you English.

(d) A song was sung by Salam.

(e) Close the door.

(f) I know the man.

(g) Which pen do you like?

(h) He does not read the Quran every day.

(i) Let the work be done.

(j) Have you completed the work?


5. Transform the following sentences as directed in brackets.

(a) Man is mortal (Neg)

(b) Everybody liked you (Neg)

(c) The padma is very big (Exclamatory)

(d) How beautiful the bird is! (Assentive)

(e) Dhaka is the largest city in Bangladesh (positive)

(f) He goes to school everyday (Interrogative)

(g) Didny you go to school yester day? (Assentive)

(h) No other sea port in Bangladesh is as big as chittagong (Comparative)

(i) he is not late in his work (Attimative)

(j) He never tells a lie (Imparative)


6. Complete these sentences.

(a) If you read more, ¾.

(b) He has failed in the examination because ¾.

(c) ¾ you can not prosper in life.

(d) ¾ you will get a prise.

(e) Walk fast lest ¾.

(f) He ¾ to school regularly.

(g) The earth ¾ round the sun.

(h) Where ¾ you go yesterday?

(i) He walks ¾.

(j) The man who ¾ rickshaw is called rickshaw puller.

Part-B : Composition: 40 marks

7. Write a paragraph a bout “The necessity of learning English” answering the following questions.

(a) What is English?

(b) Why do you want to learn English.

(c) What should you do to learn it?

(d) What will happen if you don’t know English?


8. Suppose you are Rajap Rani. You live in a remote are a where water problem is great. For this you are to drink pond’s water. So, you have been a ffected by waterediseafe. Now arite an application to the chairman of your Union Parishad to sink some tube-well for saving the people.

9. Imagine you are Don and your friend is Jon. Now write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of computer learning.

10. Write a composition in 200 words about the importance of reading news paper or wonders of modern science.


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