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Second Terminal Examination-2010 – English 1st Paper

Second Terminal Examination-2010

Subject: English 1st Paper

Class: Eight

Time: 3 hours                                    Full marks: 100


Read the passage carefully and answer the questions below it.

It was a nice warm evening in March. Anwar was reading a book in his bed room at home. When his mother called him. When Anwar went downstairs, he found his mother with some visitors in the living room. “Some people have cometo see your father” Mrs. Latifa Begum explained. “Look after them for a few moments. dear, while I go and get your father,” She said. Then she left the room.

Suddenly Anwar felt embarrassed and shy. All his father’s visitors were grown-ups. “I’m not a adult, because I’m only thirteen” Anwar thought to himself. “So how can I look after all these grown-up people?”

Anwar felt he had to say something interesting. “I’m not a child and in my class at school we talk about many interesting thing,” he thought. Anwar smiled at the visitors, but he felt confused, “I’m’ neither a grown-up nor a child, “he thought, “So what am 9” Anwar don’t know. He felt strange and couldn’t think of anything to say. So he said nothing.

After a few minutes, his mother returned with his father and able to relax again. Nobody looked at him any more and he could enjoy himself. Now he felt neither embarrassed nor shy. “But I’ll discuss my feelings with my mothe some time.” Anwar thought to him self, “Because I still feel con fused about them.”


  1. Write whether the following statement are true or false. If false, give the correct answer.

(a) Answar is same age of the visitors.

(b) Anwars mother went to call his father.

(c) Anwar felt easy when his mother returned.

(d) All the visitors were grown ups.

(e) Anwar’s mother told him to be friendly with the visitors.


2. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.

(a) Anwar thinks that a tirteen years old is ¾.

(i) an adult (ii) neither an adultnor a child (iii) a child (iv) a child and a student

(b) Mrs. Latifa Begum left the room is order to ¾.

(i) find her husband (ii) call anwar (iii) look after the visitors (iv) make tea

(c) What did Anwar do to the vistors?

(i) insulated (ii) talking (iii) smiled (iv) mocked

(d) When anwar went into the living room he said ¾

(i) about many interesting things (ii) ‘I’m neither a grown-up nor a child (iii) I’m a small boy (iv) nothing

(e) Anwar was able to relax and enjoy himself becuase he was ¾.

(i) with his parents (ii) feeling confused (iii) looking (iv) able to look after them


3. Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable words from the box.

One day some (a) ¾¾ came to visit his father in his house. His mother’s name was mrs Latifa Begum who (b) ¾¾ him to (c) ¾¾ that visitors. As he was only thirteen years old, he (d) ¾¾ shy and (e) ¾¾. He could not (f) ¾¾ what he should do. He could not (g) ¾¾ to (h) ¾¾ any thing with them. But he felt (i) ¾¾ after (j) ¾¾ of his father and mother.


4. Read the passage again and write a paragraph based an the information about visitors. Use the following clues that given in the box.

bed room → warm evening → mother → look after → guests → embarrassed → grown up → cameback.


5. Answer the following question in your own words:

(a) who came to Anwar’s house and when did they came?

(b) What did Anwar’s mother tell him?

(c) Why did Anwar feel embarrassed and shy?

(d) Why did Anwar say nothing to the visitors?

(e) What did Anwar think to himself?


6. Fill in each gaps with a suitable words.

Anwar (a) ¾¾ reading a book in his (b) ¾¾ in a (c) ¾¾ warm evening. Some (d) ¾¾ came to their (e) ¾¾ to see his father. His mother (f) ¾¾ him. Anwar went (g) ¾¾. His mother (h) ¾¾ him to look after the (i) ¾¾. Then se left the room to get her (j) ¾¾.


7. Read the passage again, Think you are anwar. Write a paragraph in about 60-70 words describing your feelings in front of the visitors.


8. Read the passage again. Now write the main ideas of the passage in your own words in not more than five sentence.


9. Fill in the gap using appropriate words given in the box below.

While Mr Anis Ahmed was (a) ¾¾ his story. Mrs Rehana Salam, Bahadur and the class-8-students (b) ¾¾ attentively. When he (c) ¾¾ Mrs salam said, “Thank you, Mr Ahmed, Rina’s right, you can  (d) ¾¾ tell excellent stories! Now were all (e) ¾¾ about the ho nesty and that in the best policy” “yes, and I think Bahadur’s just like suruj Ali!” exclaimed Anwar. “Because he (f) ¾¾ after our school garden.” “Every one (g) ¾¾ to look at Bahadur but he wasn’t (h) ¾¾. he (i) ¾¾ his mouth to say something, but (j) ¾¾ came out.


10. Fill in the blanks with suitable words/verbs.

Mrs ay esha Amin told her students (a) ¾¾ every mont. She would tell them from (b) ¾¾ instead of reading them from story books. In answer to kishan’s question. Mrs Amin said that Aesop did not (c) ¾¾ stories from (d) ¾¾. Also, she said that it was (e) ¾¾ to read from a book when people were standing in (f) ¾¾. she also in formed the students that the (g) ¾¾ of stories Aesop told were (h) ¾¾. The students, however, did not know what fables are, so Mrs Amin explained that fables are (i) ¾¾ that both (j) ¾¾ and teach leassons.


11. Read the following table and make ten sentence.


Anwar and kashem

Rian’s grand mother

Rina’s house









was not




to rina’s house
to rina’s house to call rin’s mother
far from accident place
to help rina’s grand mother
an accident
the grown up young people
a small crowd near the college pond
give some eggs to Mr Anis Ahmed
Just fallen over and hurt herself
in the same school.


12. The following sentence are in wrong order write them in correct order.

They day deep into the ground with their spades and with their hoes they broke the soil in to small pices. It was a hard work and they began to sweat a their own school garden. It was a hot day in March when all the tools were made. The students started to weeds and the baskets to carry them away. After that the boys and girls used levellers to level the soil. Then the students stopped and looked at their work.


13. Write a paragraph about “your favourite teacher” In your paragraph answer the following questions.

(a) Who is your favourite teacher?

(b) What does he do?

(c) How does he keep the class?

(d) How is his method of teaching?

(e) When does teach in the class?


14. Think that one of your friends did not attend your birth day party, but he sent you a nice gift by post. Now write a letter thanking him for sending a nice gift for your birth day.10


Write a composition (any one)

(i) My future plan of life.

(ii) Computer.

(iii) Blessings of science.


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