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Model Test English Second Paper

Model Test-1

Sub: English Second Paper

Time: 3 Hours                                   Full Marks: 100

Part-A : Grammar-60

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.


the need at illiterate
waste from to on


We must not (a) ¾ our energy and money any more. We (b) ¾ to take steps (c) ¾ educate people. Emphasis should be given (d) ¾ primary education. There should be (e) ¾ least one primary school (f) ¾ each and every village. WE are happy that our govt. has made primary education compulsory. (g) ¾ law has been passed in (h) ¾ assembly. To remove illiteracy (i) ¾ the country, some more steps may be taken. The (j) ¾ adults need to be educated.


2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

It is (a) ¾ fact that complete happiness does not exist (b) ¾ worldly life. A man may have all things that he (c) ¾ in life. It is better not to seek (d) ¾ happiness. Rather one should be satisfied (e) ¾ what one gets. Contentment is the key (f) ¾ happiness. One should not always think (g) ¾ what he has and what he does not have because (h) ¾ doing so (i) ¾ man becomes frustrated and depressed. There are some people who think that it is money that (j) ¾ happiness.

3. Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.







born in 459 B.C. in Athens.
in Athens in Greece.
the home of sculpture
the wisest philosopher and teacher of his time
to educate people

4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.


help realize meet call
hinder increase be keep


Inability to read and write is (a) ¾. illiteracy. It is a curse. It (b) ¾ all development efforts of the government. The literacy rate of Bangladesh (c) ¾ still low. We have to (d) ¾ this rate for entire development of the country. A country’s development cannot be thought of (e) ¾ the large number of people illiterate. Government alone can not (f) ¾ this challenge without the help of literate community. It is the social responsibility of the literate community. it is the social responsibility of the literate people to (g) ¾ the government for the eradication of illiteracy. We must (h) ¾ that we can not (i) ¾ as a nation without (j) ¾ illiteracy from the society.

5. Change the narrative style of the following text.

Omar (R) said to the woman, “Where do you live?” The woman said, “I live in a poor hut south end to this town. I am hungry but there is no food in my house. Will you give me something to eat? Hazrat Omar (R) said, “Go home. I am coming with food and money.”


6. Change the sentences according to directions.

(a) Who does not want success in life. (Affirmative)

(b) Do you know it? (Passive)

(c) An industrious boy will shine in life. (Complex)

(d) An industrious man is frugal. (Negative)

(e) A life with an assignment is an actual life. (Negative)

(f) None can receive any reward unless he works hard. (Simple)

(g) One cannot be successful without it. (Interrogative)

(h) A successful man is very happy. (Exclamatory)

(i) No other man is as happy as a successful man. (Superlative)

(j) A hard working man is more healthy than an idle man. (Positive)


7. Complete the sentences:

(a) Read diligently lest ¾

(b) United we stand ¾

(c) Scarcely had we reached the station ¾.

(d) 1971 is the year when ¾.

(e) He pretends as if ¾.

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the following passage.

Trees are (a) use to man in many ways. They are companions in our day to day life. It is (b) possible to build our homes, furniture, etc. without trees. Trees save us from flood and (c) nature calamities. It (d) strength the soil. If we cut trees (e) discriminated, there will be ecological (f) balanced. But may people are (g) conscious of it. So tree (h) plant programme should be extended for a better, (i) happy and (j) health life.


9. Make tag questions of these statements.

(a) The mother rose in her, ¾?

(b) Mira hardly comes here, ¾?

(c) Nobody knew me here ¾?

(d) The brave deserve the fair, ¾?

(e) Let him do this, ¾?


10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors.

Students are the future leaders of a country (a) ¾ are to lead a nation, (b) ¾ they must seek to fulfil their potential. They posses the art (c) ¾ can lead to their success story. (d) ¾ leaders, they can decide our fates. (e) ¾ they discharge their responsibilities with great efficiency, we can reach the target of perfection.


11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.

the teacher said to the boy do you think that honesty is the best policy the boy said yes sir i think to then learn to be honest from your boyhood.

Part-B : Composition-40

12. Suppose, you are Keya, Kakoli and you have passed H.S.C and you have got a diploma on computer. Now, write a CV with a cover letter for the post of a computer operator in a company. Your CV should not exceed one page.


13. Suppose, you are the students of Rajshahi Zilla school. Your school is a famous school in the district but there is no canteen in your school. Students suffer a lot for the want of hygienic food. Now, write an application to the Headmaster for setting up a canteen in your school.


14. Write a paragraph on “A Book Fair”.

15. Write a composition on “The Journey which you like the best”.


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