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Model Test English First Paper

Model Test-1

Sub: English First Paper

Time: 3 Hours                                   Full Marks: 100

Part-A : Reading Test-50

Read the text below and answer the questions that follow:

Greenhouse effect is an alarming phenomenon for our environment. It occurs because of the production of carbon dioxide in our environment. Its amount is increasing day by day. The main cause of it is the burning of fossil fuels. Since the end of the 19th century industrial activities increased rapidly giving rise to many factories. These factories required energy which was produced through the combustion of coal. Besides coal other sources of energy such as mineral oil and natural gas were also burnt to heat our houses, move cars and airplanes or to produce electricity, etc. Nowadays, about 85 million barrels of crude oil are burned daily. Every time a fossil raw material is burnt. It releases carbon dioxide into the air. Besides burning fossil fuels, we are leading the earth towards deforestation through felling down trees. Trees absorb significant amount of carbon dioxide from the air and deliver oxygen instead which in turns, helps us survive. Although we can’t control the cosmological movement of the earth or the change in the environment, we can control the greenhouse effect by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


1. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives:

(a) The level of carbon dioxide may increase if we fossil fuels:

(i) consume (ii) resume (iii) incarnate (iv) incinerate

(b) The world “crude” is similar to ¾ in this passage ¾.

(i) harse (ii) unrefined (iii) vulgar (iv) edible

(c) “The end of the 19th century” refers to:

(i) 1999 (ii) 1899 (iii) Both i and ii (iv) None

(d) Besides moving cars and airplanes, producing electricity, formerly mineral oil and natural gas were also burnt for:

(i) barn (ii) mine (iii) hearth (iv) holocaust

(e) Combustion is a technical and ¾ process in which substances combine with oxygen in the air to produce heat and light:

(i) chemical (ii) physical (iii) biological (iv) ecological

(f) Alarming is equal to:

(i) soothing (ii) Pacifying (iii) Appeasing (iv) Appalling

(g) Industrial activates cause fall to :

(i) manual labour (ii) many factories

(iii) source of energy (iv)industrial production

2. Answer the following questions.

(a) What do you understand by “Green House Effect?”

(b) What has something to do with the late 19th century?

(c) What are the contrary exchanges between man and trees?

(d) Does man possess the controlling power over nature? Yes or No, Explain in brief-Why?

(e) Mention some phenomena of our environment according to the passage.


3. Write a summary of the passage in no more than 90 words.

Read the following passage and answer the questions.

P.B Shelley (1792-1822) was the most vitally instinct with the pure essence of romantic spirit. He gave himself up most unreservedly to the impulse and inspiration of the romantic spirit. He had imbibed he explosive forces of the French Revolution and championed the causes of revolution and freedom in every sphere of human life. There is however a melancholic tone in his poetry which springs from his frustration and unfulfilled desires. He pined for an ideal world of beauty, love and freedom but he yearned in vain. His poetry is, however, imbued with optimism. He sang of millennium when evils of life would disappear like passage of clouds. Shelley’s best qualities are revealed in his Prometheus Unbound, Ode to the West Wind, To a Skylark. He is a lyrical genius par excellence. His poetry is marked by melody and imagery.

4. Complete the table below with the information from the previous passage.

Who/What Activity Where When/Time
(i) ¾ imbibed the explosive fortces (ii) ¾
Shelly represents (iii)
Contribution (iv)
(v) ¾ Melancholic tone

5. From your reading of the above passage fill in the blanks with suitable words. Use one word only in each blank.

In (a) ¾ with other romantic poets in the (b) ¾ century, P.B. Shelley was almost second to (c) ¾. He (d) ¾ a lyric (e) ¾ to the field of poetry, especially in Odes.


6. Match the parts of sentences given in column ‘A’ and column ‘B’ to write five complete sentences. There are more parts of sentences in column ‘B’ than required.

Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
(a) Whales have a way

(b) They keep in contact with another

(c) A herd spread over several square miles

(d) A blue whale can

(e) Specialists say that whales

i.almost certainly knows where everyone is.

ii.bellow as loud as a lion.

iii.communicate over thousands of miles.

iv.narrow channel of freedom.

v.few years their tune totally change.

vi.of communication with their own kind.

vii.through  snores and groans.

7. Put the following parts of the story in correct order to rewrite the whole story.

(a) Penicillin is the life-saving medicine.

(b) He passed his boyhood with his parents.

(c) It was discovered by Dr. Alexander Fleming.

(d) He was the seventh of the eight brothers and sisters.

(e) He was never absent from school up to the age of twelve.

(f) He was sent to London at the age of fourteen for higher study.

(g) Fleming was born in a poor family in Scotland.

(h) Fleming was a very regular and attentive student.

Part-B : Writing Test-50

8. Answer the following questions to write a paragraph on ‘A Winter Morning’.

(a) How is a winter morning? (b) How do people and animals feel? (c) When do people get up? (d) What do children do? (e) What are the special food items? (f) What is the pity?


9. Read the beginning of a story and complete it with a suitable title.

A poor girl named Jamuna worked in a rich man’s house. The mistress of the house was very cruel and inflicted torture on her. One day while serving tea, Jamuna broke a cup of tea. At this …


10. You are Masum and you have close friend named Maushumi. Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the pros and cons of Facebook.

11. Suppose, you are Robin/Rubina living at Ukilpara, Naogaon. You have a younger brother named Desh who is at Dew Hostel, Shaheb Bazar, Rajshahi for study in a reputed school there. Recently you have come to know that he has become a chain smoker. Now write a letter to him about the dangers of smoking that may prevent him from this bad habit.


12. The chart below shows the benefits of girl’s education. Describe the chart in 150 words. You should highlight and summarise the information given in the chart.


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