Monday, December 11


Four rice traders fined in Bogura’s Shibganj

Four rice traders fined in Bogura’s Shibganj

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Four traders have been fined for stockpiling paddy and rice in Bogra's Shibganj Upazila without a license or permit. The mobile court imposed the fine in a raid conducted from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. Shibganj Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) and Executive Magistrate conducted the court. Alamgir Kabir. According to court sources, Shibganj UNO conducted an operation to inspect the situation of paddy and rice market on Saturday morning. He was charged with stockpiling paddy and rice without a license. Three people were fined. Another was fined for storing rice in a banned plastic bag. Messrs. Seva Traders and Ma Lakshmi Rice House were fined Tk 5,000 and Mizan Rice House was fined Tk 2,000 for not having a stock permit among the fines. The court fined Rafiqul Rice House Tk 1...

The government will appoint 12,800 posts to expand vocational education

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The government has decided to recruit about 12,600 posts in technical colleges and polytechnics in three fiscal years to expand career-oriented education in the country. A total of 12,608 posts including 1,081 cadre posts and 11,546 non-cadre posts in the technical education sector have been sent to the Prime Minister's Office after completing all the necessary procedures for issuing government orders. The aim is to address the manpower shortages of 113 government institutions, 49 polytechnics, and 64 technical colleges under the Technical and Madrasa Education Department, officials said. Out of 1,081 permanent cadre posts, 20 are Vice-Chairmen (National Salary-Scale, Grade-5 in 2015), 189 are Chief Instructors (Technical, Grade-6), 56 are Chief Instructors (Non-Technical, Grade-6...