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Annual Examination Question English 2nd Paper – Class Seven

Annual Examination-2020

Sub: English 2nd Paper

Class: Seven

Time: 2 Hour                           Full Marks: 50

[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks]

Section-A : Grammar


1. Fill in the blanks with suitable article.

Honesty is (a) ¾ great virtue. (b) ¾ honest man is liked and trested by all. (c) ¾ ignorant men adopt unfairness with (d) ¾ view to achieving their objects. In every walk of life, honesty is (e) ¾ must. (f) ¾ honest man may be poor but he does not try to become nich by adopting dishonest means. His progress in life my be slow, but he rises very high in the long run.


2. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions from the box.


of about to
to without through


Money cannot make one happy unless if is earned (a) ¾ fair means. There are people who have a lot (b) ¾ money but it cannot bring peace (c) ¾ mind (d) ¾ them. Their hours and days bring only (e) ¾ earning money. Thus they get used (f) ¾ running after it till ¾ death.


3. Make four correct sentences from the following substitution table.




Her uncle





her journey very much

with her in the journey

in khulna

a journey by train


4. Change the following passage into indirect speech.

Mother said to Asif, “Are you going to madrasah?” “Yes” Asif raplied, “You have to return home soon because we will go for eid shopping” said mother. “What a nice idea? Mum, you are great,” Asif said fun ther.


5. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets.

(a) He was a lian (negative)

(b) He was the most currning boy in the village. (comparative)

(c) He cheated the simple villages many times (Interrogative)

(d) The villager were not pleased with him (Affirmative)

(e) At the end the shephered was killed by atiger (Active)


6. Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the roof words.

Many roads are often found in a bad shape. Even though the need for their repair and (a) ¾ (constrect) work has long been (b) ¾ (due), they remain (c) ¾ (complete) (d) ¾ (repaired). But they are always open to traffic and as a result their condition is very (e) ¾ (rapid) worsening. In some parfs of the country, some roads are not (f) ¾ (use), as a result (g) ¾ (communicate) is (h) ¾ (disrupt)


7. Use capitalization and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.

every body loves flower to day flowers are used in different occasions day by day demand of flower is increasing


8. Complete the following text with suitable verbs in the box with their right form.


regard be sail carry have remember


The Titanic (a) ¾ for New york from Southampton on April, 1912. She was (b) ¾ 1316 passengers and a crew of 891. At that tie she (c) ¾ the largest ship that had been even (d) ¾. She was (e) ¾ as unsinkable because she (f) ¾ sixteen water tight compartments. The tragic sinking of this great liner will always be (g) ¾ for she (h) ¾ down on her first voyage with heavy loss of lives.

Section-B (Composition)

9. Suppose, you are a student of class VII in Jhinai Islami a Fazil Madrasah, Bogra. At present your father is incapable of bearing all your educational expenses. Write an application to the principal for a full-free-studentship.


10. Write a composition of the following topics in 250 words.

(a) our country. (b) Newspaper. (c) Village Market.


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